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Subject: Dog Pound Daze, part 10Dog Pound Daze, part 10 by lennoxbearaol.comThe following is continuation of characters presented in Feelings of
Security and To Folsum and Beyond.NOTE: This story includes references and descriptions to gay, male to male
sex, if such matters offend you, please exit. Also, actions of a sexual
nature occur in this story which are not a statement supporting unsafe
sexual practices, this is a work of fiction and fantasy.
Tom sat naked on the deck in the warm morning sun. He sipped his hot coffee
and let the heat soak his vascularized skin. He idly rubbed his nipple
with his hand and toyed with the ring. The thick fleshy point got hard and
sent shivers of pleasure through his chest.”Well, I can see this is going to be a productive day.” Eric stood in the
kitchen door with his coffee cup. He was dressed in shirt and tie for a
day of meetings. He walked over to Tom and planted a wet sloppy kiss on
the man’s mouth. His big hand stroked the big dick a couple of times
making Tom growl. “I better not do that, I’ll end up being late for my
meetings.” He sat in another deck chair to enjoy a few minutes of the
beautiful morning.”So what’s on your agenda today?” Tom squinted at his lover then slipped
one leg up over the arm of the chair to show Eric his butt hole.”Well, now I’ll have to control my dick after that image you just planted.
I am meeting with several guys from the contracting firm to review plans
for the apartment building and to discuss how quickly we can move on
getting houses started. Joe and Vic are finalizing their plans and really
want to get moving. I expect the same Preteen Model Sites from Richard and Dell soon too. I
didn’t think these guys would want to get moving so quickly.”"They’re our friends, when they make their minds up on something they move,
you should have guessed that much.”"I guess so.”"The guys are coming to begin staking out the road to the lots up on the
hill. And the landscapers are coming to begin the work along the lane.
I’m going to do a bit of a workout in a few minutes until they get here.
At some point this afternoon, I need to get over to the gym to check on the
pool project and spell Red and Richard. Even with Mike on board now, they
are still short staffed. The new members have been overwhelming.”"Good, the gym is a big success and the pool will only improve on that.”"I’d like to think the staff of personal trainers has something to do with
it.” Mike walked out onto the deck sipping orange juice. He was dressed
in tight shorts and the gym’s T-shirt. His muscles were pumped to their
prime since joining the staff as training director. “Good grief Tom, if I
didn’t have to go to work, I’d be all over you, wow, you’re looking
awesome.”"Hey careful, that’s my lover you’re drooling over.” Eric got up and
squeezed Mike’s big biceps. He leaned over to kiss Tom again. “Don’t burn
that puppy in the sun. I might have to come home and apply skin cream.
And then what would we have to do?” He grinned evilly and headed back into
the house almost bumping into Doug with his juice. “Morning Douglas, you
stud muffin you.” He kissed Doug on the cheek and squeezed by. Doug had
been working intensely with Mike since they began dating and in two short
weeks had begun a hot muscular transformation of his body.He was dressed in baggy shorts and still shirtless. His job didn’t start
today until 2, so he wasn’t planning on being to the gym until Noon for his
workout and private training session. Mike kissed him passionately.
“Gotta run, have a client in 20 minutes, can’t be late. See ya later
stud.” Doug’s face went red as Mike groped his dick through the baggies.
Doug walked over to the chair and sat down only realizing that Tom was
naked after he almost spilled his juice. He averted his eyes, which only
made Tom smile and tease him.”Doug, it’s OK to be naked in this house. We have no problem with it, so
you shouldn’t either.”"Oh, I don’t except that.” He looked down Preteen Model Sites at his lap and the obvious
hardon poking down the leg opening. “You don’t Preteen Model Sites understand how hot you are
to me.” Tom smiled walked over and squeezed the big dick.”It’s Ok for this too Doug, Eric and I play. Anytime you guys want to play
together just say so. We are committed to each other but Preteen Model Sites
also know it can
be fun to play as a couple.”"Uh, Tom, you’re going to make me cum, stop playing with my dick.” Tom
knelt in front of Doug, pulled his big dick out of his pants and licked the
big shaft. “Oh shit.” Doug’s load shot out of the stiff prick Preteen Model Sites and
splashed on Tom’s wide chest.”I’m sorry Tom.”"For what? I love it, don’t be embarrassed, I’m not.” Tom rubbed the
thick cream into his chest hair and squeezed a few more drops from Doug’s
fat tool. Doug leaned back and sighed. “Now, isn’t that better to start
your day this way.”"Well, we already had.” Doug smiled broadly.”Yeah, believe me, we heard. You guys have really settled into Preteen Model Sites each other.”
He got up and walked to the kitchen. “And that is really great.” Doug
soaked in the compliment and stretched out to enjoy some of the early
morning sunshine.Tom went downstairs to the basement gym and pulled on a pair of tight
shorts. He was soon covered in sweat from the workout and the warmth of
the room. Doug called down that the road crew was here. Tom wrapped a
towel around his neck and took the steps two at a time. He met the
supervisor of the excavating crew at the front door. The big man, also
well muscled, was not ready for the hulk who greeted him.”Jeez, Paul Bunyon, you need a job felling trees by hand.” He smiled and
stuck out his big callused hand. Tom shook it and noted the flexing of the
furry forearms and biceps. Not bad for a man who looked to be in his 50’s.
Tom handed him the drawings and stood as the man spread them on the hood of
the truck. The big man asked a ton of questions and wasn’t shy about being
close to the near naked man. Tom said he would meet him at the starting
point, he just wanted to grab a T-shirt.”Don’t cover up on my account, I enjoy a big beefy man.” He smiled Preteen Model Sites
Tom’s puzzled look. “Come on, you really think that big husbear of yours
would hire anyone who wasn’t gay, get real. My crew knows my story, some of
them are gay, try to figure it out. Never mind. One look at you and
they’ll be drooling, even the straight ones. I’ll see ya down the road a
bit.” He climbed into the ancient Ford and circled back down the long
drive.Tom grabbed a T-shirt and walked down the lane to the point where the road
to the new houses would cut off from their driveway. The crew was busy
already staking out the road and unloading equipment. The big guy was
barking orders but stopped to greet Tom. Tom watched in awe, as the crew
worked like a bunch of ants. At this rate they would have the road laid
out by noon and be clearing trees after lunch. He walked over to the super
and complimented his men. The man thanked him and pointed to a mountain of
a man unloading a bobcat.”That’s my other half, big man eh? Don’t turn your back, he’s got an
instant erection trigger and you’ll be getting fucked before you can
blink.”"Well, I don’t mind if you don’t.” Tom watched as the big man stared back
and casually groped his big basket. “Ill get out of your way. The
landscape crew is also coming today to start the gardening work along the
whole driveway. They’re all gay, so you may want to keep your guys
separate, otherwise, you may lose some work time to play time.” He nodded
and walked back toward the house. He was drinking a special Pratt protein
shake when the landscapers arrived. Doug’s eyes opened wide at the crew of
four hot, muscular, beefy men. Tom patted him on the butt.”Don’t get in their way unless you want that butt of yours fucked silly.
They work hard but play harder.”Vince, the crew’s leader, shook Tom’s hand. “Man, you are looking awesome,
hope you plan on working with us once in awhile like last year. Holy fuck
you’re even bigger.” Vince was a tall, athletically built man with massive
arms and pecs and one of the smallest waists Tom had ever seen. He liked
working with Vince. The man was good at his job, thorough, and
knowledgeable about every plant around.”I’ll help when I can. Lots of irons in the fire right now.”"Well, anytime you want to play with this iron let me know.” Vince struck
a pose to show off his ample basket. Tom handed him the landscape plans he
and Eric had had done.”Hey, we even built a new shed for all the garden stuff. One of Eric’s
birthday presents to me.” He pointed at the big, shed at the far end of
the lawn. “You can use it to plan your work if you want.” He tossed the
key to Vince and walked to the driveway. Vince’s men were unloading their
tools. Vince began immediately giving directions and the guys headed back
down the lane to start at the entrance. Tom figured everything was well
under way and returned to the basement to finish his workout. He still had
some time before needing to check on things at the gym and decided to work
on organizing tools in the garden shed. He had been working on more
plantings around the houses but wasn’t as organized as he wanted to be. He
loaded up a cart he had purchased with stuff that had been stored in the
garage. Eric would be happy to regain space for the stuff they kept to
work on the bikes and trucks.He looked down the driveway at the work crews as he pushed the load around
the house to the shed. The place had been built to house all of the lawn
equipment they were accumulating since Tom had gone Preteen Model Sites
nuts over yard work.
In addition, it Preteen Model Sites gave him a place to work on plantings, potting and such.
His growing knowledge in and passion for gardening amazed Eric who only
encouraged him more. The yards were beginning to look very polished and
Eric loved when everything was in full bloom. He had found his favourite
spot was to sit on the deck in the evenings in summer and just relax in the
warmth. The hot tub was going to get more use this summer, or so he hoped.Tom was busily organizing his work area when a voice at the door startled
him. “Nice shed, lots of space, plenty of storage, good work area, who
planned it?” Tom turned to find the road crew’s supervisor’s lover leaning
in the doorway, big, shirtless and grinning from ear Preteen Model Sites to ear.”I did, it’s become a growing hobby of mine.” Tom surveyed the big man’s
massive round pecs complete with heavy gauge nipple rings and a Celtic
tattoo on the left delt. The man had not only spent hours in the gym, but
hours of hard work outdoors had given him a toned quality most men only
achieve by hardcore dieting. Tom leaned against the workbench as the man
walked through the Preteen Model Sites layout complimenting his work and planning.”Well, buddy, anytime you want to work with us, you have a job.” The man
stood a few inches from Tom. The heat radiated from his lean hard muscles.
He casually ran a hand over a pec and played with a ring. His skintight
jeans did nothing to hide the growing lump of flesh in his basket.”Thanks, but I have enough to keep me busy now and I don’t keep up well.”
Tom felt his nipples tingling and his own cock begin to stiffen from the
hyper masculinity of the close man. It was the same feeling he got when
Eric felt frisky.”Could be fun too. We work hard but we also play hard.” The man’s
enormous callused hand closed over Tom’s right pec and slowly squeezed.
His leg pressed between Tom’s pushing against Tom’s crotch. Tom began to
sweat and get a sinking feeling in his stomach. Something he didn’t quite
trust. But something that right now was winning out in lust for this rough
man. Tom felt the man’s hot breath on his neck as the guy leaned against
him pinning him to the workbench. Their lips met and the man’s tongue
filled Tom’s mouth. Hot hands worked his back and shoulders. The hard
cock in the guy’s jeans pressed into Tom’s burgeoning tool. Tom couldn’t
move, not because he was pinned, but something just kept him standing
there.He felt hands pulling down his shorts and squeezing his balls. A hot mouth
sucked on his nipples. Teeth bit the sensitive Preteen Model Sites
skin. The man’s hand
choked his hard cock. “You’re prime meat buddy. Hot as any man I’ve ever
seen. Bet you like getting that big muscle butt fucked, doncha?” Tom
couldn’t answer with his mouth full of the man’s tongue again. He felt the
big hard cock spring out of its denim restraints and push between his legs
smashing his nuts in the process. The guy’s mouth and hands were
everywhere.”Look buddy, this may not be such a good idea. My partner could come by at
any moment.”"You don’t think he’d like my fucking that bubble butt? You’re hot buddy,
ain’t no turning back now.” He swung Tom around and doubled him over the
workbench. “Oh yeah, that ass is fucking incredible. Perfect for my stiff
dick.” Tom felt the big blunt head of the man’s dick push against his
butthole. His ass was sweaty from the workout and yard work. It was
perfectly lubed for a big rock hard shaft. The man leaned hard against Tom
and skewered his asshole. Tom felt the breath go out of his lungs as the
big balls slapped against his ass. Preteen Model Sites The man rocked his dick in and out.
Tom flashed back to his torment in Chicago and felt helpless and hungry at
the same time. Tom’s cock smashed against the wooden bench. His nips were
screaming from the big hands twisting them hard. Sweat dripped from the
big man and rolled down Tom’s straining back. The man’s weight pushed down
on him with each thrust of the cock in Tom’s ass.”Oh man, you could take a 2by up that hole, hot man.” The intensity of the
plowing he was getting picked up and Tom felt the man’s body tense. The
man’s whole body shuddered as he pulled out of Tom’s ass and sent ropes of
hot cum onto the sweaty back and butt. He fell on top of Tom panting and
rubbing the cum into the smooth skin.”Fuck, that was incredible. You are a fucking hot man.” Tom felt the man’s
huge fingers slide into his ass to keep working the already fucked asshole.
The guy’s Preteen Model Sites
fingers felt as big as some cocks he had seen in the gym.He lay across the bench not sure about what he was feeling. The hot hands
on his back massaging in the Preteen Model Sites cum sent waves through his nuts as his own
load splashed against the workbench. He stood up to stretch his legs. The
man kissed him passionately again as he stuffed his spent dick into the
worn out jeans.”I hope we’re going to be around doing this project for some time. I
wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that again.” He punched Tom’s pecs and
strutted out the shed door. Tom stood in the warm shed for several minutes
trying to comprehend why he had let happen what just did. He pulled his
shorts back up and adjusted his still bloated cock in the pouch. He locked
the shed and headed in to take a shower. Doug was at the kitchen table
working when he walked into the cool room.”Wow, you look a bit spent. You going to be able to make it through the
day? Looks like you already put in a full eight hours.”"I feel like it. I’m going to shower. When you leaving for work?”"About an hour, why?”"I need to talk, come up stairs with me.” Tom related the series of events
to Doug as he showered. Doug’s face was reflecting concern for his new
friend. His cock was also expressing a hard reaction to the fuck scene in
the shed.Tom stood before Doug and toweled off his body. Doug swallowed hard and
waved his hand trying to find the energy to speak. “In my opinion you were
raped, but being gay, people would just say you deserved it. Are you OK?”"Yeah, just confused. I don’t know whether to say something to Eric or
not. These guys do good work and we can’t afford to find another crew now.”Well, then, be careful and don’t turn your back on the man. From what I
have seen of you and Eric, you’re both pretty good judges of character. If
something about this guy doesn’t sit right, tread lightly. He may think,
though, since you were showing off in shorts that you wanted to have sex.
A lot of straight men treat women the same way. Keep your eyes open.” Tom
agreed and thanked Doug for listening. He grabbed a Preteen Model Sites gym bag just in case
he got the urge to workout again and sprinted down the stairs to his truck.
He passed the road crew and the big man who had fucked him. The man
grinned slyly and casually squeezed his basket. Tom waved at Vince and his
crew at the end of the driveway.”Lock Preteen Model Sites the shed when you’re finished, will you? I probably won’t make it
back before 6.” Vince gave him a thumbs up and Tom took off down the road.
He pulled into the gym’s parking lot and was out of the truck in one easy
move. Red was doing paperwork at the front desk when he arrived. Dell
brought him a protein shake and sneaked a quick grope of Tom’s butt. Tom
retaliated by pinching a nip. Richard stood at the top of the steps and
cleared his throat.”I saw that. I’ll expect mine later.” He pointed at Dell and headed back
to the workout area to assist with a new member.”The design guy for the swimming pool company is here and wants to get
final word on all the materials we chose.”"I thought we put everything in writing?” Tom greeted a couple of members
and swiped their cards.”We did but he wants to double check everything before final shipment.
Materials can be here next week.”"Well, then if there are no changes or problems, I say tell him Preteen Model Sites to move
ahead.” Red agreed and headed out to the construction trailer to meet the
man. He knocked on the door of the big metal trailer and heard a deep
voice tell him to come on in. Red stepped up into the trailer and stopped
in his tracks. Preteen Model Sites One of the tallest men with some of the biggest arms he had
ever seen was standing at the desk going over paperwork. The man was
stuffed into a tight black T-shirt and jeans and smiled at Red from ear to
ear. He was just like Red, red. He had bright green eyes, red hair and
fair skin.”Hey, I bet you’re Red.” The man held out his hand and shook Red’s. The
giant bicep popped and the forearms flexed with the grip. “I’m Sonny. You
have your paperwork all done?” Red couldn’t stop staring at the man. He
was taller then Darrell and from the look of the basket, bigger there too.”Uh, Preteen Model Sites yeah, we have our list and hope that everything will be available and
ready for construction.” The man’s eyes looked over Red’s beefy body. Red
felt his face flush and his dick grow. The tank top he wore did nothing to
hide the thickening nipples. His whole body was being turned on just being
near the man.”Great. I have a computer generated rendering of how it will all look in
the materials you chose. Want to see?” Sonny got up and stood behind the
desk chair. He motioned for Red to sit down as he looked over the
materials list Red had handed him. “This looks good, we should be right on
from what I see on this list. Here, let me start the program for you.” He
stood slightly behind Red and clicked on several icons to get the computer
program started. Red sat at crotch level and quietly inhaled a deep breath
of the man’s scent. He felt his whole body react to the man. Sonny leaned
on one arm and pointed out all the construction details with his other
hand. Preteen Model Sites
Red was in awe at the thickness of the man’s arms and how each
movement caused another muscle group to pop.Sonny looked down on Red from his height and licked his lips over the
deeply cut chest and long thick nipples. Red’s tank top showed his work
off to its best advantage. From this angle, Sonny had a good view of the
full basket and the fat, growing dick. He felt the power he had over Red
begin to Preteen Model Sites
manifest itself in the tightness he felt in his jeans. He knew if
he stood this closely to the short man much longer he would have a full
erection. Not that that was normally a problem, but his dick was Preteen Model Sites pointing
downward and bending as it hardened.He was impressed with the questions Red asked and with the fact that the
hot man had done his homework. Red asked about the tile to go under the
windows and reached for his materials list just as Sonny leaned over to
enter a keyboard command. Red’s face went directly against what had to be
24-inch biceps.”I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were going to enter something from the
keyboard.” Red momentarily felt the warmth and slight wetness of Sonny’s
skin.”That’s OK, sometimes the big guns get in the way.” Sonny smiled down and
saw a slight sheen of sweat on Red’s huge pecs. The nips were now
distended about a half-inch and begging to be twisted.”Big guns never get in my way. Can never have arms that are too big.”"No, I’d say from looking at you that you strive for mass.” Sonny stood
directly behind Red and ran his enormous hands down over the mounds of pec
muscle. His fingers lightly twisted and pinched the swollen nips. Red’s
breath escaped as his body reacted to the heat of the moist hands on his
skin. He leaned his head back and rubbed it against the hard knot of flesh
bent over in Sonny’s jeans.”Look, Red, I know the two black guys are your lovers, so maybe this isn’t
such a good idea.” Red got up, walked to the trailer door, locked it and
turned to face the huge man. He stripped off his tank and shorts. His
jock gave up trying to contain the hard cock and his dick was swinging
free, pointing at the object of is desire. Sonny walked over and ran his
hands over the smooth, hard muscle of Red’s shoulders and grabbed his pecs
hard. He squeezed the solid flesh and heard Red groan. The nipples grew
harder as the big man pinched, twisted and pulled them downwards. Red
pulled Sonny’s T-shirt up and pushed it over the big square pecs. Sonny
had to pull it the rest of the way off since Red was too short to reach
over his shoulders and head. The big man’s massive chest was the perfect
height for Red to suck on the large, brown nipples. The big man pressed
Red’s head tight against each one as his other hand roughly squeezed and
slapped the immense glutes. They were soon red from the slapping and Red
was gasping for breath and begging for more. He undid Sonny’s belt and
jeans and pushed them over the long full quads. Sonny’s thighs seemed to
be almost three-fourths the length of red’s legs. Sonny took his underwear
in his hands and ripped them from his body. His long, fat red cock slapped
against Red’s pecs. He pressed the head of his dick against the big swollen
nips on Red’s chest and squeezed precum over the big knobs. The slick
surface made Red moan louder as the big piss slit almost seemed to suck
them down.Sonny pushed Red back a step, and took a couple of light punches at Red’s
round chest muscles. The flesh bounced with the light blows and Red’s eyes
asked for more. Sonny punched again Preteen Model Sites
harder and Red stood his ground. He
crossed his arms behind his back and flexed his hard chest. Sonny slowly
increased the force of the punching until Red was moaning with the need for
more. Sonny bent down and grabbed Red’s jaw hard and forced their mouths
together. Red felt a tongue, in proportion to everything else on the man,
slide down his throat. Sonny held their faces together in a long, wet,
sloppy kiss as Red stroked the big cock sliding in the precum over his
chest.”You know Red, we’re supposed to be conducting business.”"Well, then you can tell everyone that you really fucked me good on this
deal.” Red bent over and braced himself against the desk. “The guys are
going to wonder where I am so you better fuck me hard and fast now.” Sonny
spit in his hand and lubed the thick cock. He spit more and wet down Red’s
butthole. The fingers were as long as some men’s cocks. Red felt Sonny
place his tube against the puckered hole and push in. Slowly the big red
cock slid into the round glutes. Sonny gripped Red’s big traps and shoved
the last couple of inches. He stayed that way for a minute as Red’s body
adjusted to the hot rod up his ass. Sonny tightened his grip on one
shoulder and reached down to roughly squeeze a pec with his other hand. He
began sliding in and out of the tight ass and was soon in a quick, hard
fast rhythm.Darrell and Ron stood in the glass poolroom and looked out at the parking
lot and the construction trailer rocking in the sun.”Do you think that will calm down the boy tonight?”"Are you kidding? Sex with a man like that only makes him hornier. Better
take your vitamins baby. We’re in for a long hard, and I do mean hard,
night.”Sonny held Red tightly by the shoulders and plowed the musclebutt. Red’s
cock and balls slapped in time back and forth against his abs and thighs.
Sonny rammed his dick in a couple more times, abruptly pulled out, spun Red
around, picked him up in his massive arms and crushed his mouth. The big
dick that had been plowing Red’s stretched hole spewed cum between them.
The heat of the kiss pushed Red over the edge and his own cum added more
slickness to the two writhing bodies. He wrapped his big legs around
Sonny’s waist and hung in the embrace and kiss. Sonny let Red down and
pulled a roll of paper towel from an overhead cupboard. The two men
quickly got dressed and finished business. Red hurried back to the front
desk where Tom took a couple of deep breaths and smiled broadly. Red
blushed with embarrassment.Sonny walked through the construction sight checking off details on a
progress sheet. Darrell approached him and handed him a slip of paper.”What’s this?”"Our address.” Sonny looked at Darrell with a bit of trepidation. “Hey,
you wind him up, you better come over and help unwind him. Eight o’clock
OK? Maybe three cocks up his ass will make him sleep through the
night. But let it be a surprise.” Darrell smiled and walked back across
the room. Sonny pocketed the paper and adjusted his dick in his jeans.Comments - suggestions? Lennoxbearaol.com
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